PressFly v2.1.1 - Monetized Articles System

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Free download PressFly v2.1.1 - Monetized Articles System.

PressFly Monetized Articles System

PressFly allows your users to write articles so they and you can earn money by getting paid per article view. PressFly includes a complete system for writing articles, publications, topics, news and posts. Also, it includes referrals system, withdrawal system with the ability to add unlimited withdrawal methods, Login with social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Google, translation ready, multiple captcha integrations like reCAPTCHA v2 Checkbox/invisible and Solve Media and much more!. The inspirational websites like buzzfeed .com, thenextweb .com, makeuseof .com, techcrunch .com, cracked .com, medium .com, whatculture .com, & sportskeeda .com

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